Please note due to large volumes we are experiencing delays of 3-5 business days in processing. We apologise to any customers, and are making payments as quick as we can, we appreciate your patience.

Risk Free Service/Guarantee!

If you’re not happy with our evaluation - we will send your device back free of charge.

Sell Your Google Pixel with Mobile Monster

Dropped your phone in the toilet on a big night out? Cracked the screen while out walking the dog? Repairs can be expensive, and you need a working phone now. Rather than throw it in the bin, why not sell or trade-in your Google Pixel to Mobile Monster for some ready cash?

Trade in & sell your Google Pixel

Currently in its 8th generation, Google Pixel is the latest line of Android smartphones from Google, succeeding the Nexus in 2017.

Figuring out how to trade or sell a Google Pixel is simple; 

  • From the Mobile Monster homepage, enter the model of your device.
  • Select the condition of your device from As New, Working or Dead.
  • For a phone in ‘working’ condition, let us know of any faults.
  • We will offer you a price for your phone.
  • Provide your contact details.
  • We will send you an Australia Post mailbag.
  • Send us your phone.
  • We test your phone to check if the description matches what you entered.
  • We send you money for your device/s. 

Sell Your Ipad

Many people are surprised to find out that there are electronic recycling companies that buy your used devices. Mobile Monster specialises in the buying and recycling of unwanted electronic devices. Aside from phones, we also buy devices such as tablets. 

If you have an iPad that is old, broken, or not being used as frequently as before, we’d love to hear from you. By trading in your old iPad, you’ll be contributing to e-waste reduction and breathing new life into your old device, all while getting cash for it! Our iPad trade-in process couldn’t be simpler.

Selling your old iPad For Cash at Mobile Monster

An iPad that once brought joy into your home are now sitting in an attic or garage collecting cobwebs. The kids have grown up, and you’re unsure what to do with your gadgets, which only bring nostalgia now. That’s where Mobile Monster comes in.

Instead of throwing them away or leaving them unattended, use our iPad trade-in service, and we’ll pay you for it. And with our super fast processing times and easy mail or delivery options, trading in an iPad has never been easier. We will send you a bag to mail your device, or alternatively, you can drop it off locally in the Melbourne CBD.

What iPad models can I sell?

Currently, we accept iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, and iPad Air models. This includes both cellular and Wi-Fi-only models. As there are many different iPad models out, we can accept the iPad 5 series and newer. Any model earlier than this will have to be evaluated on an individual basis.

You may be wondering if you will be able to sell an iPad with a cracked screen or one that is completely broken or dead. The answer is: absolutely! While the prices vary depending on a wide range of factors, we do still accept broken or damaged items.

When is a good time to trade in an iPad?

You can trade your iPad in whenever you’re ready.  Instead of worrying about when’s a good time, just know there is no time of year that is technically better for trading your devices. Whichever time suits you best, we will be waiting. 

It’s safe to say it is always a good time to trade with Mobile Monster because we have the best prices, the fastest process, and the fairest service, which includes the risk-free option of having your device sent back if you change your mind.

Why choose to sell your iPad to Mobile Monster?

Mobile Monster is a local business that practices sustainability and offers the most cash back for your iPads. We will pay 5% more than any competitor as long as you provide proof of the higher paying price. We also give the first payment within 24 hours of receiving your device – that’s lightning fast!

By choosing Mobile Monster, you are making a commitment to the environment and not contributing to harmful e-waste by binning devices that still have plenty of life left in them. Trading in your device gives you more than money. You are contributing to a circular economy and, ultimately, a better world.

Sell Your Apple Watch

Looking to upgrade your Apple Watch? Or maybe you already did, and your old one is just sitting there, gathering dust. Whatever the reason, Mobile Monster offers a simple and environmentally-focused way to sell your Apple Watch. Whether it’s in as-new condition or it’s completely dead, we’ll refurbish, repair or recycle your Apple Watch, keeping it out of landfill and offering you a great price while we’re at it.

Trade in & sell your Apple Watch

Apple is a company known for its constant innovation, and the Apple Watch is a great example. With its sleek, wrist-mounted form and the powerful functionality of the iPhone, the Apple Watch has found a perfect niche in on-the-go lives everywhere. 

Whether you’re upgrading or offloading, Mobile Monster offers an easy way to get the best value for your Apple Watch. First, we’ll assess its condition and whether we can resell it as is, refurbish or reuse its parts. Then, we’ll make you a fair offer for your Apple Watch trade-in, keeping electronics out of the rubbish and giving you the most value for your device.

What Apple Watch models can I trade in?

Since the very first model was released in 2015, there’s been more than ten variations on the Apple Watch. While we no longer deal with the earliest versions, we’re happy to offer Apple Watch trade-ins for Series 5, 6, 7, 8 & Ultra, as well as certain other models (please get in contact to enquire specifically).

How much trade in value do you get for an Apple Watch?

Beyond just trading for a wide range of Apple Watch models, we also pride ourselves on offering a very fair, above-market rate. Before we make you a final offer, we’ll need to assess the quality and condition of your device, placing it into one of three categories:

  • As New: Nearly indistinguishable from an Apple Watch straight from the store, devices in this category are blemish-free and in perfect working order.

  • Working: It’s a secondhand device, but it’s completely fine. Although there might be small signs of wear, these devices look and work as they should.

  • Dead: Whether through physical damage or something else entirely, these Apple Watches won’t turn on and are of no use in their current state.

Once we’ve appraised your device, we’ll make a generous offer in line with its value. If you find a better offer, we’ll beat it by 5%. For more details on how we determine value, check out our page on how it works.

What happens if my Apple Watch is broken?

It’s a question we hear all the time: ‘What if I want to sell my Apple Watch, but it’s broken?’ Part of our philosophy at Mobile Monster is to prevent unnecessary electronic waste, which can be harmful to the environment when disposed of in landfill. Because we value sustainability, we’ll still buy Apple Watches that no longer work, using what we can to repair and restore others. 


Can I sell my Google Pixel with an activation lock?

Unfortunately, you are ineligible for a Google Pixel trade-in if it is locked by a provider, but we are more than happy to recycle it for you. Please speak to your provider about unlocking your Google Pixel to avoid missing out on being able to trade in or sell your phone.

    How much is my Google Pixel worth if I Trade it In?

    The price you receive for selling or trading in a Google Pixel depends on factors such as the model, condition, and storage size of the phone. As technology loses its value over time, earlier models generally fetch lower prices.We will provide you with an instant valuation and pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and trade-in values. We will beat any Australian advertised price for a phone or device. If you’ve seen a better offer, contact us before placing your order with details, and we will beat it by $10.

      What Google Pixel Models Can I Trade In?

      There are currently a number of models on offer for Google Pixel trade-in in Australia, including:

      • Pixel 2 64GB 128GB
      • Pixel 2 XL 64GB 128GB
      • Pixel 3 64GB
      • Pixel 3 XL 64GB 128GB
      • Pixel 3a XL 64GB
      • Pixel 3a 64GB
      • Pixel 4 64GB 128GB
      • Pixel 4a 5G 128GB
      • Pixel 4a 128GB
      • Pixel 4 XL 64GB 128GB
      • Pixel 5 128GB
      • Pixel 6 Pro 128GB 256GB
      • Pixel 6a 128GB
      • Pixel 7 128GB 256GB
      • Pixel 7a 128GB
      • Pixel 7 Pro 128GB 256GB 512GB
      • Pixel 8 128GB 256GB
      • Pixel 8 Pro 128GB 256GB 512GB

        What happens if my Google Pixel is damaged or broken?

        Is your phone damaged or broken? No problem. The price to trade in or sell your Google Pixel compared to ‘As New’ does decrease, but you will still receive an offer.Simply indicate either ‘Working’ or ‘Dead’ to reveal the sale price, 

          Do you have a location I can go to sell my Google Pixel in person?

          If you’re in the Melbourne CBD and would like to trade-in a Google Pixel at a physical location, you’re in luck!Come and say hello to our friendly staff on L4 of 306 Little Collins Street between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday, and they’ll be happy to assess your phone’s condition on the spot.Please note that payments will only be made by EFT or cheque; there will be no cash payments.

            How to get your Google Pixel ready to trade in?

            Before you send your ‘As New’ or ‘Working’ Google Pixel in to us for sale or trade-in, please ensure you have removed all your personal data following these simple steps.

            • Open the settings app
            • Scroll to the bottom and tap System
            • From the System menu, scroll down and tap Reset options
            • Tap Erase all data (factory reset)

              How does the Mobile Monster site work?

              Mobile Monster is a really easy system to use. Simply follow these steps:

              1. Enter the model of your device on the homepage
              2. Select the condition of the device from As New, Working or Dead. For a ‘working’ condition – tell us of any faults
              3. We offer you a price for your phone
              4. Provide us your contact details
              5. We send you an Australia Post mailbag
              6. Send us your phone
              7. We test your phone to check if the description matches what you entered
              8. We send you money for your device(s)

              How to Find Your Device’s IMEI Number?

              Part of the process will ask for your device’s IMEI number. If you don’t know where to find it, you may head over to this page for instructions.

              Removing Your Personal Data

              Make sure that before you send us your devices, you get to make sure that you have done your initial checks and ensured that you have removed your personal data, have logged out and
              removed your iPhone, Google, or Samsung account from the device.

              What’s the difference between the conditions?

              As New – These are phones that are in perfect condition. No scratches, no damage, no blemishes. It’s as if they have never been used.

              Working – This refers to phones that have some visible signs of use. It could be some scratches on the screen or minor wear & tear to the body of the device.

              What happens if you find faults with the phone?

              Dead – As the name suggests, when the phone is beyond usable, it’s classified as dead. This includes the device being water damaged.

              We inspect and review every phone received. If we find that the phone is not as described, we will contact you and offer a reduced price. You can see under the ‘working’ condition exactly what the prices will be with varying amounts of damage to the phone.

              Do the valuations change?

              The prices we offer do change, but usually they go down. The reason for this is because technology loses its value over time. We do however pride ourselves on offering more for your phone than anyone else in the market.

              How do I send my phone in?

              We’ve worked hard to make the system safe, so once you register your phone on our website, we will send you an Australia Post satchel for you to send us your mobile phone in. You can also go to the nearest post office from your location and send it in immediately without having to wait for a satchel.  If you are based in Melbourne, then you are welcome to drop your phone off in person. We are centrally located in the Melbourne CBD and are always happy to meet you in person. Please note, all payments will be made via EFT or Cheque. We do not offer cash payments. For complete details on Shipping and Drop Off, you may visit this page.

              What do our customers say?

              We have bought phones from thousands of Australian customers, all of whom have been delighted with our service. You can view their feedback here (spoiler alert, it’s all positive).

              How fast do you send the money?

              This is what makes Mobile Monster the best. We inspect the phone and pay money into your account within 24 hours of receiving them. There’s no dilly-dallying around, we know you want your money, so our customer support team works hard to ensure we pay you immediately.

              Why Choose Us?

              Mobile Monster will beat any Australian advertised price for a phone or device by $10Seen a better offer? Contact us before placing your order with details and we will beat it by $10.

              Mobile Monster has over 10 years’ experience in export, second-hand phones and recycling, Mobile Monster is not just a buy-back company, we're technology experts and we know the market. We offer amazing prices for the latest gadgets and we're extremely transparent with all our communication from every step of the sale. We're not just online – we have a physical device drop-off point located just out of the CBD that you can bring your device into Monday to Friday.