Covid-19 and Mobile Monster

During these uncertain times, our priority is making sure that you keep yourself and your family safe when using our services - by adhering to social distancing guidelines.

We understand that some of you might be unable to head  to a nearby Post Office to send us your device, that's why we've made it more convenient for you.

Once you register your phone(s) on our website - just select the SATCHEL SHIPPING OPTION - and we'll send you a free mailing satchel that already has an added tracking number (at no cost to you) so you can post your device to us from any Australia Post red street posting box and easily track the parcel. 

If you're unsure where the nearest red street posting box is from your residence, you may visit the following link: . Simply enter your location and under location type select "Red Street Posting Box".

We've also taken into account unexpected delays with Australia Post, so there is no need to worry.

Update May 12, 2020:

We have resumed our Melbourne drop off option. Please note that we’re still observing social distancing so only up to two people at a time are allowed to drop off their devices. 

  • Customers are to maintain two meters space at all times.
  • No more than two customers can be grouped in the reception area unless they have children that require to be with them.
  • Likewise, only two customers of adult age who have come in relation to a single order can remain in the office. If groups of more than two adults arrive, the remainder will be asked to wait downstairs.

Thank you for choosing us to sell and recycle your device!

Look after yourself, your loved ones and your community.

Mobile Monster team