Please note due to large volumes we are experiencing delays of 3-5 business days in processing. We apologise to any customers, and are making payments as quick as we can, we appreciate your patience.

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Recycle your old phone

How does the Mobile Monster site work?

How It Works

With over 10 years’ experience in export, second-hand phones and recycling, Mobile Monster is not just a buy-back company, we're technology experts and we know the market.

1 . Enter your phone type on the      homepage

2 . Select condition: New, Working or Dead
       1 . For ‘working phone’ – Tell us (if any) faults

3 . We offer you a price for your phone

4 . Provide us your contact details

5 . We send you an Australia Post mailbag

6 . Send us your phone

7 . We review your phone against the      description you entered

8 . We send you money for your device(s)

What’s the difference between the conditions?

As New

These are phones that are in perfect condition.  No scratches, no damage, no blemishes.  It’s as if they have never been used.


This refers to phones that have some visible signs of use.  It could be some scratches or minor wear & tear to the body of the device.  Essentially this is a second handphone.


As the name suggests, when the phone is beyond usable, it’s classified as dead. This includes water damage.

How does the Mobile Monster site work?

We inspect and review every phone received.  If we find that the phone is not as described, we will contact you and offer a reduced price.  You can see under the ‘Working’ condition exactly what the prices will be with varying amounts of damage to the phone.

All devices go through diagnotic testing and erasure through Phonecheck Diagnostics. There are thousands of components in a modern smartphone or tablet. Phonecheck’s automated device diagnostics scans the functionality, capacity and condition of all of them

Some of the various components checked:

  • Wifi Connectivity

  • GPS / Location Services

  • Battery Capacity

  • Vibrations

  • Microphones & Speakers

  • Camera Flash

  • Glass Condition

  • Digitizer

  • Touch Id & Fingerprint Sensor

  • SPen

  • Accelerometer

  • Network & Manufacturer Lock

  • Jailbreak & Rooting Detection

  • Bluetooth

  • Charge & Headset Ports

  • Proximity & Light Sensors

  • Buttons & Switches

  • Front & Rear Cameras

  • Video Recorder

  • LCD & Dead Pixels

  • Force Touch, 3d Touch

  • Face Id

  • Edge Screen

  • Screen Rotation

  • Activation and Reset Locks

Do the valuations change?

The prices we offer do change, but usually they go down.  The reason for this is because old technology loses its value over time.  We do however pride ourselves on offering more for your phone than anyone else in the market.

How do I send my phone in?

We’ve worked hard to make the system safe, so once you register your phone on our website, we will send you an Australia Post satchel for you to send us your mobile phone in. OR you can go to the post office and send it in immediately without having to wait for a satchel.

*UPDATE: In lieu of Covid-19, we understand that some of you might be hesitating of having to head to a Post Office, specially if this requires some travel for you. For those who are unable to head to a Post Office, just simply select the Satchel Shipping option, and we'll send you a sacthel that already has an added tracking number. The only thing you have to do next is drop it off at any AusPost red street posting box and use the tracking number we've provided to track your parcel on it's journey to our office!

If you're unsure where the nearest red street posting box is from your residence, you may visit the following link: . Simply enter your location and under location type select "Red Street Posting Box".

Can I drop my phone off in person?

If you are based in Melbourne, then you are welcome to drop your phone off in person.  We are centrally located in the Melbourne CBD and are always happy to meet you face to face.
Please note, all payments will be made via EFT or Cheque.  We do not offer cash payments.

What do our customers say?

We have bought phones from thousands of Australian customers, all of whom have been delighted with our service.  You can view their feedback here (spoiler alert, it’s all positive):

How fast do you send the money?

This is what makes Mobile Monster the best. Once your device is received into our system, we inspect the phone and pay money into your account within 3-5 business days! There’s no dilly-dallying around, we know you want your money, so our customer support team works hard to ensure we pay you immediately.